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The Merry-Go-Round Sing-Along is a rare, and insanely difficult sex move. To complete successfully, one must first be male. Next, you must obtain one female sex partner. (Does not matter occupation, just female.) Both of you must get entirely naked, and she must sit on your lap, legs splayed. Do this in front of a television, and turn the channel to a kids' signing channel, and have your bitch sing to that song, in tune to the music, and give you a physical lapdance at once.

(Aliases: Merry, MGR, Mary, Spinner)
Jake: Dude, I just had the merry-go-round sing-along with Kate!
John: WHOA that's hot.
Kate: You're a douchebag Jake! We're over.
by The Perverted Erotomaniac October 11, 2013