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a romantic action involving a man and woman in which the man physically suggests that fellatio is desired and should occur. this physical suggestion, also known as "...kevving" or "being kevved" is not violent or intimidating, yet it is exactly what the word suggestion implies... with a gentle, motivational push towards the back of the woman's head, the exchange of passion begins.
Wow... I walk into the kitchen, hoping to find something good to eat... and I got 'the kev' from him... WTF!!!" -- "Oh man, last night when we got back from dinner.... He totally put 'the kev' on me." -- "Gosh, the kids are away at soccer camp... 'The kev' is going to happen.... I can feel it." -- "Baby, just relax... I am going to give you 'the kev' all night long...
by thekev7 September 11, 2010
Well what can I say? legend comes to mind lol. Hes a really nice guy - a great friend and a fab boyfriend :P lol. when hes around you cant help but smile, he makes you feel on top of the world whenever you feel down, and is sexy to boot
wooo happy xmas kev!
by Jo December 08, 2004
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