something invented for and by bored twelve year olds that people who don't feel like doing their work do in class.
are you seriously playing the impossible quiz? wow.
by TheCrazyMaddie November 10, 2010
Top Definition
a quiz made by splapp-me-do where the quiz taker has to answer 110 questions (120 in the sequel). some require insane logic, fast reflexes, and just pure luck. there are bombs in some questions and if they go off, you'll lose all of your lives. bomb times can reach from 15 seconds, to 1 second (seriously). in the first, the only thing to help you are skips (but they are useless due to the fact that question 110 is use all 7 skips). in the second, a new thing is featured: the fusestopper. it destroys the bomb in a question to give you more time to think. the quiz is availible on addictinggames (no music though), newgrounds, notdoppler, and other websites.
Question 1 from the impossible quiz:
How many holes in a polo? Answer: 4

Question 1 from the impossible quiz 2:
Where does the general keep his soldiers? Answer: Up his sleevies.
by Fruity PoPs September 30, 2007
the hellish hard quiz that is found on newgrounds and addictinggames
it has 110 questions and its very difficult
I went to the 47th question on the impossible quiz!
by howareyougentleman December 17, 2007
a really hard quiz that has insane logic
I can't believe Randy finished the Impossible Quiz!
by The Interesting Genius July 01, 2015
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