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taking the skin of your nut sack and pulling it over the top of your penis while your partner nibbles or sucks on your balls.

The longer the pubic hair, the better looking the flames. Fire crotches resemble the flames even more
I was trying turn up the heat on our relationship, so i pulled out the human torch. It got that bitch all hot and my balls got nibbled on.
by R-fresh November 07, 2007
The sexual act of dipping a female's head in gasoline, lighting it on fire, proceeding to rape her and then cumming on her head to put out the fire.
"She bled on my dick, so I gave her the human torch!"
by Jack Mihof January 10, 2014
First, you must have sex with a girl (MUST BE GINGER OR REDHEAD)

When ejaculating, pull out and blow your load on the girls hair, then when finished, spike her hair up.
"Dude, i just tottaly gave that ginger girl The Human Torch last night"
by iL3gend March 05, 2010

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