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ok, the real definition is this: You are doing a girl doggy style whilst she if facing a window to the outdoors...half way thru your thrusting, you do a pull out move (to say finger her a little...) but then your friend who is strategically hidden in the room sneaks in and inserts himself as if it were you....this is when you quietly exit the room, reappearing outside the window when you now (smiling ear to ear) wave at your girl, who comes to the realization that, "if you he is out there, who is fucking me!!!?"....hillarity ensues
Remember that bitch we gave the houdini too?...she is sueing us for funny is that!!!? :-)
by Nick "the houdini" Riccio March 28, 2004
a magic trick of sorts, when you are banging a chick from behind you fake an orgasm, pull out, and spit on her back jerking off all the while, you must time it right so when she turns around thinking the love making is over, you cum right in her face!

***sometimes also known as the second gunman***

The name is directly derived from the great magically magical Harry Houdini!
concerned co-worker what happened to your eye janine?

janine oh, that shit stain of a boyfriend gave me the houdini at point blank range.
by karl hungus February 07, 2005
You start out fucking a girl from behind, making sure the girl is facing the window. In the middle, you have your friend come into the room, and both of you switch without her knowing (putting a finger in her pussy, etc.) You pack up your stuff and when you leave, you knock on the window and wave to her.
"Dude, thanks for helping me with the Houdini on Friday night with ____"
by D-Sop February 05, 2007
When your out with a bunch of friends or people and you don't want to say goodbye to everyone, or want them to make you feel obligated to stay, you find a good time to leave without anyone noticing.
Josh: "Where did Steve go, I haven't seen him for 15min?"
Mike: He must of pulled the houdini dude, I haven't seen him in forever either.
by StevieQ11 March 09, 2013
(two guys needed) Be fucking your girl doggy style and make sure she is facing a window, Pull out and tell your guy friend to push in, make sure she does not know the other guy is there. Then run around to the outside of the window she is facing and scream "Ta-Da!"
Dude Amanda didn't know I did The Houdini to her, but when she found out she freaked!
by Opus_Jr August 15, 2015
When you are doing it doggy-style, you spit on her back, so she thinks you came then you pull it out and when she turns around blow it in her face, raise your hands and say "Houdini"
The Houdini - the master of deception
by harvey hungwell July 13, 2008
Noun- A sexual act involving screwing a girl from behind in front of a window. You blindfold her and then you have a friend take your place. As he takes the blindfold off, she finds you standing looking in from the outside of the window waving.
"Where did you get that black eye?"
"I pulled The Houdini on my girlfriend...well, she was my girlfriend."
by PuffinMuffin May 15, 2015
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