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Lostprophets debut album. One of the most original and kick ass alternative/metal cds ever made. The album included the ridiculously good songs shinobi vs dragonninja, kobrakai, and a thousand apologies. If you have never seen this band live, you must. It will be one of the best acts you will ever see.
"Wait, this is lostprophets? Oh, the fake sound of progress is their first cd. Yea I know, Last Train Home sucked but this stuff is awesome."
by fultzyk711 December 17, 2005
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thefakesoundofprogress is the debut album from the Welsh rock band lostprophets. Released in 2000, it was recorded in one week for around £6000, & while originally intended as a demo went on to be released on Visible Noise Records. When the band signed to Columbia Records in 2001 it was partly re-recorded, remixed & re-released (notably combining many of the between track interludes into the end of songs, shortening the tracklisting) much to the chagrin of fans of the earlier release. This new version was released under Visible Noise in the UK. It includes the singles "Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja" and "The Fake Sound of Progress".

Often seen as the heaviest of the first three lostprophets albums, many fans regard thefakesoundofprogress as the band's best effort to date.

Track listing
1. "Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja" – 2:47
2. "The Fake Sound of Progress" – 5:32
3. "Five is a Four Letter Word" – 4:24
4. "... And She Told Me To Leave" – 5:55
5. "Kobrakai" – 5:33
6. "The Handsome Life of Swing" – 3:49
7. "A Thousand Apologies" – 4:06
8. "Still Laughing" – 5:43
9. "For Sure" – 4:20
10. "Awkward" – 4:24
11. "Ode to Summer" – 3:15

Original Track Listing
This is the track listing to the original LP (2000) before it was re-recorded, re-mixed and re-released in 2001 in UK and the US.

1. "Obscure Intro"
2. "Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja"
3. "The Fake Sound of Progress"
4. "Interude"
5. "Five is a Four Letter Word"
6. "... And She Told Me To Leave"
7. "Interlude"
8. "Kobrakai"
9. "The Handsome Life of Swing"
10. "Interlude"
11. "A Thousand Apologies"
12. "Still Laughing"
13. "Interlude"
14. "For Sure"
15. "Awkward"
16. "Ode to Summer"
thefakesoundofprogress, first album, possibly the best
by Scarer August 11, 2006
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The Fake Sound of Progress is the second single from lostprophets debut album thefakesoundofprogress.

Track Listing:

C.D. 1
The Fake Sound of Progress
Happy New Year, Have a Good 1985 (demo)
View to a Kill (cover)

C.D. 2
The Fake Sound of Progress
Shoulder to the Wheel (cover)
Need You Tonight (cover)

The Fake Sound Of Progress
Happy New Year, Have A Good 1985 (demo)


from the album: thefakesoundofprogress
Released: 11th March 2002 (U.K)
Format: CD
Genre: Alternative metal
Label: Visible Noise

Chart positions
21 - (U.K)
The fake sound of progress is the second lostprophets single
by Scarer August 11, 2006
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