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50's slang for something that is cool beyond imagine.
The new elvis record is the cat's pajamas
by phi April 25, 2004
(adjective) term used to describe a person or object in a postive manner. similar to "the bomb" or "the shit", means the object in question is cool.
"that girl over there is totally showing off the goods; she thinks she's the cat's pajamas."
by Mr Bo Jangles July 04, 2005
its a cheesy and kind of old way of something is cool
1) Lets go to Luxor cafe, that place is the cats pajamas!

2) A: I found a 100 bucks in my pocket.
B: Thats the cats pajamas, man/woman!
by OxfordEnglishDictionary January 03, 2009
1920s slang... someone or something wonderful or remarkable.

The other definition says it's from the '50s... In the 50s, there was a strong nostalgic fad of everything 1920s, which is why this term may have been thought of as from the '50s.
Ain't she just the Cat's pajamas?!
by Gregory May February 13, 2012
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