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Archaic 1920s American slang that in various contexts refers to one or more of "excellent", "stylish", or "impressive to the ladies".

Synonymous with the cat's pyjamas and the bees' knees.
George, your zoot suit is quite the cat's meow! Perhaps now you will have a chance of capturing the attention of that flapper Matilda, she of the crimson ankle-baring swimsuit!
by rapmasta June 27, 2004
187 54
The latest, the best, the cutting edge (and more positive adjectives withe -est).
LCD televisions are the cat's meow. People love their performance and elegance.
by AutumnLeaves April 19, 2007
73 35
An individual who is just really cool! Very likable and suave.
Stephanie LT is the Cats Meow!
by Adam MS March 13, 2008
39 25
A way to say something is cool.
Hmmm... Basketball is the cat's meow.
by sup. November 17, 2005
41 33
the shit, the shiznit, the bomb diggity; something that's phat, tight, pimp-tight, off da heezy fo' sheezy
White person: "What up dogg your music certainly is the cat's meow. For shizzle my nizzle. G-G-G-G-Unit!"
50 Cent: "Shut up cracka. Smoke dat fool."
Lloyd Banks shoots you.
by Nick D September 22, 2003
94 90
When someone or something is the best or close to it. Sometimes someone can think there this but are not. For example a person with a nice new hair cut who is still fugly but think there all that.See the dogs bollocks or bees knees or all that and a bag of chips.The cat’s meow is a fairly uncreative alternative to the dogs’ bollocks when children are in the room.
person 1 "that shot was the dogs bollocks"
unnoticed child "what?"
person 1 "oh erm the cats meow"
by funnyhippo April 15, 2010
6 13
When you are eating a girl out and she lets out a large milky tasting/smelling queef on your face or in your mouth.
I almost threw up when the bitch let out the cats meow.
by Free Clinic Blowjob July 13, 2009
22 29