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to go to a party, most likely of someone you dont like, sneak into the laundry room, and shit in the dryer, then turn timer to 90 min on high cotton.

to go to a laundymat, throw a freshly pooped in sock into a dryer, insert max amount of quarters and leave.
youve been hit by the blake
by yourstruley October 23, 2007
7 1
the ugly person accepted by the beautiful people
Oh my god, look at that guy with all those hott chicks! He is definately the blake.
by K.A.C. June 10, 2009
0 1
The act of receiving gay butt sex, but not seeking the courtesy reach around, seemingly only seeking the feel of a cock in the ass
Jerry surprised joe by not asking for a reach around, and pulled The Blake
by concerned hudson resident February 28, 2008
3 8