The 2004 New York Yankees, a bunch of jokers who pulled off an unprecedented choke by blowing a 3-0 ALCS lead to the Boston Red Sox.
Johnny: "Man, did you see that ginormous 1000 lb. fat guy choke on that chicken bone last night at KFC? He must have been the biggest choker in history!"
David: "Nope, that'd be the Yankees of '04."
Johnny: "Oh yeah, no contest."
by Nick D October 27, 2004

1 Word Related to the biggest chokers in history

Undoubtedly the '04 Yankees, characterized by such players as Slappy, Jason "Pumped-up-on-steroids" Giambi, and the Skeet covered Jeet
After almost swallowing several of their teammates cocks, and then blowin a 3-0 lead in the ALCS, the '04 Yankees deserve the title, "the biggest chokers in history"
by jar March 11, 2005

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