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Undoubtedly the '04 Yankees, characterized by such players as Slappy, Jason "Pumped-up-on-steroids" Giambi, and the Skeet covered Jeet
After almost swallowing several of their teammates cocks, and then blowin a 3-0 lead in the ALCS, the '04 Yankees deserve the title, "the biggest chokers in history"
by jar March 11, 2005
The Yankees are a baseball team from New York with a fair weather fan base. When Red Sox and Yankees fans get into fights, the latter will often pull out one of these, "Yeah? Well we have 26 titles," or "You guys only have one in the last 86 years."

What both sides often fail to recognize is that the Yankees have set a new record for payroll at 205 million dollars ( that's $205,000,000) The Red Sox payroll is 130 million dollars, which is 75 million dollars less.

This monumental sum of money has given rise to the nickname "the evil empire,"
which can be used in place of the yankees in any context.

Obviously, the difference in titles has a direct correlation with how much cash rich fuckface owner George Steinbrenner pisses away on little shitbags like Alex Rodriguez.

Let's talk about the great A-Rod for a while. Christened "Slappy" after his dirty attempt to cheat in the ALCS, this A-hole will be earning 25.7 million dollars in the 2005 baseball season. Apparently, A-Rod does not care much for the game, he just wants to reach base more often in order to increase his next years salary.

I would also like to point out that Jason Giambi, who will be making 13,428,571 and is a former American League MVP admitted to a grand jury that he had injected himself with steroids. This confession comes in the face of new and tougher steroid screening and after he had previously denied to ever using them.

It should also be noted that the Yankees made history in the 2004 ALCS by becoming the first ever team to lose a series after winning the first three. The Yankees fell to the Red Sox 4-3 after an 0-3 start. This choke gave rise to the nickname the biggest chokers in history .

I would also like to add that Yankees fans are the worst, most fair weather fans in the league. But if you ask them, they would say with their noses stuck high in the air, "Hmph. Well, we have 26 titles. So there!"

At least we Red Sox fans get it.
Fred - "I am from Yugoslavia. I do not need to know anything about baseball to know that the Yankees suck."

Fans from all other teams (Sox, Mets, etc.) - Right on, Fred.
by jar March 23, 2005
Contrary to popular belief, crunk is actually the words "crazy" and "funk" put together. It is not as recent a word as many think; it has been used in rap as early as 1995, but it was popularized by Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz much more recently.
Stand up and get crunk!
by jar March 11, 2005
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