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someone with a huge ass.
"Look at the big A over there!"
"Yeah, I'd tap that."
by wilfs January 06, 2008
3 11
slang for the city of Anaheim, California which is located in Orange County near LA. the name is derived from the giant letter A outside of Anaheim stadium which can be seen from the 57 freeway.

A-town is a word commonly mistaken for the city of Anaheim which in reality refers to Atlanta, Georgia.
I'm representin from the Big A.
by xxWhE3L5xx November 11, 2007
11 3
Anal sex. Particularly gay male anal sex. From the film Reality Bites (1994)
Sammy Gray/SteveZahn: "I think the real reason that I've been celibate for so long isn't really because I'm that terrified of the big A, it's because I can't really start my life without being honest about who I am."
by NinetiesNiles February 27, 2013
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If you are sick and you come to work and complain about being sick, then everyone can make fun of you for having "The Big A".. i.e. AIDS.

Note: You may not actually want to use this word if you suspect someone actually has AIDS.
Dan comes to work with a cold. His eyes are watering and her nose is running. Coworkers mock him mercilessly for having "The Big A."
by Kate12345 October 01, 2007
14 18