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the process of making someone hate you enough to not want you to be around them
Zach used the Manduka effect so his band teacher would not want him back next year, See the reverse Manduka effect
by suckmynine December 26, 2009
The manduka effect is to be so ridiculously good looking that all the girls are throwing themselves at you. You use the cheesiest pick up lines but they still work... why is this you ask, well this is because he is using the manduka effect. This can be classified as a super power and one of the x men actually had the manduka effect but it was later removed because the directors believed that it was completely unrealistic that one man could be such a stud with the ladies
Person 1.Hey hows that guy such a hit with the ladies?
Person 2. Dude how can you not tell hes got the manduka effect
by steve michaels January 01, 2011

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