The state of being the best "bro" in a group of Broskis.
"Neuwkhhh, John is That Dude.
#neuwkhhh #bulltron #lol theory #tool #that guy
by OhYouKnowIFuxWithThatHollering February 26, 2009
Top Definition
The person that everyone is trying to be like or looking up to. He influences the crowd and girls love him.
Person 1: How do you know she's gonna fall for you?

Person 2: Because I'm that dude.
#cool guy #popular #all the right answers #that nigga #awesome dude
by Dougie R January 08, 2006
an attempt to concisely pigeonhole a person based on their peculiar behavior at the present moment.(practical use)- to make him/her critically aware of their current behavior
1. your friend arrives at the bar, sits next to you, and says, "Remember in third grade when you asked Stacy out and..."
annoyed friend interrupts, "Dude, you're being that dude."

2. guy on the other side of the room screams, "F--- YEAHHHH!!!" when Dave Matthews comes on the speakers.

girl says to her friend, "Wow, He's that dude."

#that dude #stereotype #define #conject #describe
by Sir Wisdom of Yorkshire August 21, 2008

A code-word used to inconspicuously ask about marijuana.
1. "hey man, are you with that dude?"
2. "wheres that dude at tonight?"
#bud #buddha #weed #dope #pot #marijuana
by winwood November 03, 2005
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