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An unknown variable 'x'
Well thang thang is like ya know, when you, uh, you know, thang thang.
by Thong's Dog July 25, 2008
a vulguras way to say call a womans vagina
look at that girls thang-thang!
by daniel olivares October 05, 2006
an attraction so strong that it is unable to be expressed, above and beyond swagger; you are unable to keep your eyes and/or hands off this person whenever they are around.
Girl,it's somethin bout Demetrious he got that thang thang!!
by fat tae May 31, 2009
a penis of a small child
that boys thang thang is hanging out.
by Nail32 October 04, 2008
He don't know how to throw them thang thangs.
by CAT September 19, 2003