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a vulguras way to say call a womans vagina
look at that girls thang-thang!
by daniel olivares October 05, 2006
an attraction so strong that it is unable to be expressed, above and beyond swagger; you are unable to keep your eyes and/or hands off this person whenever they are around.
Girl,it's somethin bout Demetrious he got that thang thang!!
by fat tae May 31, 2009
An unknown variable 'x'
Well thang thang is like ya know, when you, uh, you know, thang thang.
by Thong's Dog July 25, 2008
a penis of a small child
that boys thang thang is hanging out.
by Nail32 October 04, 2008
He don't know how to throw them thang thangs.
by CAT September 19, 2003
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