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To gay to Function - realy realy gay
Yeah see him its marys ex boyfreind he is tgtf now
by Ben lankford February 19, 2008
1. Thank God Tomorrow's Friday
--Because Friday is the end of the week, and when most people get their time off, either from school or work.
2. Transgender Transformation
--Where one changes not only form but gender as well. Or perhaps the change in gender is their change in form, either way works.
1. Man, been working hard; TGTF!
2. The ring causes a TGTF, so don't put it on!
by Furrin September 01, 2014
An acronym for "thank God tomorrow's Friday". Said when a week is going by very slowly but it is finally near the Friday and the weekend.
This week went by so slow, but TGTF.
by that guy that submitted this September 19, 2008

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