tru gangsta' - from the hood in Point Richmond
Some people claim to be the OG, but true street cred comes from being a TG. Bitch.
by tru brotha January 05, 2005
Acronym for "Thank God"
At least I escaped with a couple fingers, TG
by grapes October 10, 2004
Short for Town Guard, which can be used for NKing. Used in Diablo II when someone waits directly outside town to kill you as soon as you come out, not giving you a chance to counterattack or defend yourself. Commonly used TG spells include: Lightning Sentry, Blizzard, Fist of the Heavens, Multiple Shot, and various Area of Effect abilities.
"watch out sorc tging w/ bliz"
by Shadowfyoory April 04, 2004
TG is a abbreviation for the band Throbbing Gristle, founders of industrial music. often used by rivetheads...
Have you ever heard the TG song "Zyklon-B Zombie"?
by Chaostrophy February 26, 2004
short for Toxic Gang

also; MFTGL
means muther fuckin toxic gang love
Do u take part in the TG?
by ToXiC EvIL 1G xP November 02, 2003
scummies, non intelligent women. usually consists of a cheatah and a beze. TG is not a person you would ever want to be friends with. A strong odor happens wherever they go.
I am so excited because tg tg tg tg will not be there tonight
by tghater January 12, 2010
means 'yeah.'
tg = letters on keyboard next to y+h, so tg is a common typo.
person 1: you good
person 2: tg
by rhwu July 11, 2009

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