Someone whose a complete and total retard. If you are a TG, you don't know you are one. A TG's thoughts are stupid. A TG's comments are stupid. A TG's intelligence is stupid.
I hate her, she's such a TG. Her voice is a jackhammer, fucking my ears.
by CanadianSeaworld May 15, 2009
Used as an abbreviation for "that's great", a phrase often used heavily dipped in sarcasm following an intensely boring or irrelevant anecdote made by another person.

Can also be used as an adjective.
person 1: i just bought a car
person 2: tg no one cares
person 3: yea you're so tg

by xmko September 08, 2008
Tiny Gangsta
Dey TGs
by HaileyJ September 06, 2008
1. Totally Gayed.
- Something bad that would probably only happen to you.
2. Tourette's Guy
- Bad things always happen to the Tourette's Guy (pretty much the same thing as getting totally gayed)
"Yo, Pat i was driving and a spider web flewin through the window and hit me in the mouth. I got tg'ed man!"

"Yo Dan, I got tg'ed this morning when my Grandma tripped over my shoes and almost died. Uncle was pissed"
by Pat Devine May 19, 2007
used by unpolite French. It means "ta geule"( = STFU )
#1:you are a noob !
by John_LC December 12, 2006
An abbrev. of Torture Garden, one of the world's premier fetish clubs and promoters.

Not for the faint-hearted although it is a little tamer than it used to be.
Guy - "Are you going to TG tonight?"

Girl - "Yes, I'm just off home to put my rubberwear on, can you pop over later to give it a shine?"

Guy - "Sure thing mistress."
by SootyandJim August 15, 2006
synonym: see Jonathan Pelayo.
Jonathan Pelayo is a Tg.
by Tg #1 February 08, 2006

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