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1. Totally Gayed.
- Something bad that would probably only happen to you.
2. Tourette's Guy
- Bad things always happen to the Tourette's Guy (pretty much the same thing as getting totally gayed)
"Yo, Pat i was driving and a spider web flewin through the window and hit me in the mouth. I got tg'ed man!"

"Yo Dan, I got tg'ed this morning when my Grandma tripped over my shoes and almost died. Uncle was pissed"
by Pat Devine May 19, 2007
3 27
An abbrev. of Torture Garden, one of the world's premier fetish clubs and promoters.

Not for the faint-hearted although it is a little tamer than it used to be.
Guy - "Are you going to TG tonight?"

Girl - "Yes, I'm just off home to put my rubberwear on, can you pop over later to give it a shine?"

Guy - "Sure thing mistress."
by SootyandJim August 15, 2006
12 36
synonym: see Jonathan Pelayo.
Jonathan Pelayo is a Tg.
by Tg #1 February 08, 2006
7 31
Tough Game. When playing an online game that's competitive, as opposed to cooperative, one says "tg" when you do something that is drastically in your favor and harms another.
Person 1: Ha! I'm going to win. I just need a few more points!
Person 2: tg (Just did something that reduced Person 1's points greatly)
Person 1: Damn! Fuck you!
Person 2: Ha. gg
by Hitokiri Tenrai October 24, 2005
16 40
TeeGee, a noob from RuneScape Community, a Bagel.
TG is such a noob/bagel.
by tymiller January 15, 2005
7 31
short for Toxic Gang

also; MFTGL
means muther fuckin toxic gang love
Do u take part in the TG?
by ToXiC EvIL 1G xP November 02, 2003
1 25
scummies, non intelligent women. usually consists of a cheatah and a beze. TG is not a person you would ever want to be friends with. A strong odor happens wherever they go.
I am so excited because tg tg tg tg will not be there tonight
by tghater January 12, 2010
1 26