Tiny Gangsta
Dey TGs
by HaileyJ September 06, 2008
Thanks I Guess. When you thank someone for giving you a compliment or comment on web boards or IM. Usually sarcastic. Or if you aren't sure if what they said was a compliment or not.
Jon: You are really good at this game. You must play it all day
Bob: TG

Chris: Haha look at your face in that pic!
Sara: TG
by Xavier Guidry April 17, 2008
1. Totally Gayed.
- Something bad that would probably only happen to you.
2. Tourette's Guy
- Bad things always happen to the Tourette's Guy (pretty much the same thing as getting totally gayed)
"Yo, Pat i was driving and a spider web flewin through the window and hit me in the mouth. I got tg'ed man!"

"Yo Dan, I got tg'ed this morning when my Grandma tripped over my shoes and almost died. Uncle was pissed"
by Pat Devine May 19, 2007
used by unpolite French. It means "ta geule"( = STFU )
#1:you are a noob !
by John_LC December 12, 2006
synonym: see Jonathan Pelayo.
Jonathan Pelayo is a Tg.
by Tg #1 February 08, 2006
Tough Game. When playing an online game that's competitive, as opposed to cooperative, one says "tg" when you do something that is drastically in your favor and harms another.
Person 1: Ha! I'm going to win. I just need a few more points!
Person 2: tg (Just did something that reduced Person 1's points greatly)
Person 1: Damn! Fuck you!
Person 2: Ha. gg
by Hitokiri Tenrai October 24, 2005
Short for Tough Guy. Can be used for any male who cannot control the testosterone going to his brain and results looking like an ass who lets his immediate emotions control his clownshoe remarks and steroid, jock, idiot tendencies.
Look at that TG over there, with his lame wife beater and barbwire tattoo, staring at himself in front of the GNC storefront window.
by Dyne Lybs March 22, 2005

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