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"Time For Prints". Photography expression meaning the model will get prints of the shots for their time spent modelling.
This is not a paid shoot. It's TFP.
by Shooter August 26, 2004
Tops Fruit Punch; a sweet beverage sold at Tops Supermarkets, similar to Hawaiian Punch; often mixed with vodka
My friend Andrew mixed vodka with the TFP. He made a delicious drink that was enjoyed by all.
by Frat Hard Core November 15, 2012
all tha sexay niggaz at dpg
now everybody from tha TFP put yo muthafuckn handz up and pass me a durry
by TopDawg Yall September 09, 2003
Short for Thanks for Playing

Something said after denying, owning, or shutting someone down. The phrase comes from playing games after the game is over, the winner says "Thanks for playing" to the loser.
1: "Hey man I'll kick your ass"
2: *punches 1 and knocks him out*

2: "TFP, fucker"
by diiiietz November 30, 2009
Terri Fist Pump- Used in extreme cases of WIN. Such as in minipulating your husband into purchasing a home you can not afford, that includes a room where your daughter or gay son will sleep.
by jaymafans March 29, 2010
TFP is an extended form of Pwn. If someone gets tfp'd, they get Totally Fucking Pwn'd.
"Wow, John just got tfp'd."
by Chrisian June 17, 2004