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tfab=time for a beer
More commonly this refers to the need to take a break from online chat to acquire an alcoholic beverage.
Expanded beyond the literal "Beer," it simply means one's feeling the need to become increasingly intoxicated while chatting and/or playing an online game.
This is generally followed by "tfab^1, tfab^2, tfab^3, etc."
OMG this fight is gunna suk, im gonna need to tfab^4 for this!

tfab^9 wat u guys @, and wat u drink'n?

id jus tfabeded^15 !1!!!1 sux it fykx!
by kyody October 14, 2007

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A supper funny guy. with sooo many friends
hay look at T-Fab

yea hes soo funny
by davvy croockket July 01, 2009