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A lengthy conversation mediated through text messaging that usually involves a successive exchange of text messages within a short time frame.
I just had textversation with my girlfriend that lasted for twenty minutes.
by Nichik March 21, 2010
A written conversation through texting. Having a discussion through texting.
"After several suggestions of restaurants, we finally decided where we should meet for dinner through our textversation."
by Rdlk59 October 06, 2013
A long conversation had by text message
We had a textversation last night about the meaning of life, which went on for hours.
by Nikko Cassoulet July 16, 2015
A conversation held during a texting.
I just had a textversation with your mother about you and we both agree to disagree.

Kelly and I just had a textvo and we decided we are going to the mall.
by Mizzo412 September 27, 2013
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