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the act of consoling someone via text message rather then taking the time to talk to them over the phone.
when i get that feeling... i need textual healing.
by adamtenspeed January 06, 2009
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An awesome romantic comedy book by author Eric Smith. It features the sweetass references of ninjas and pirates, with a cuteness that is reminiscent of 'When Harry Met Sally.' Sure to make your girlfriend's favorite book list, and your secret guilty pleasure list.
Girlfriend: "Textual Healing is the most adorable book ever."
You: "Yeah, it's funny. It's my favorite book."
Girlfriend: "You're the most amazing man I've ever met. Do me now, please."
by Guvanator November 30, 2010
Having phone sex with someone via text messages.
Man, my train ride home was delayed, good thing I was able to go into the bathroom and get some textual healing from my girlfriend.
by Tom Sabbatino December 28, 2007

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