Someone who is highly skilled in the art of sending texts messages.
John is so quick in responding to my text messages, he must be a textpert.
by Adrian Pt February 07, 2008
Top Definition
A person employed in the question answering service offered by 82ask or AQA.
Those Textperts at 82ask are awesome, shame about AQA
by Larry Watt April 17, 2006
An expert text messenger.
My brother is a textpert; he's so clever in his texts.
by Ereck Flowers June 24, 2016
An internet researcher for SMS services such as UK's AQA and 82ASK and Australia's 199QUERY.
199QUERY employs a group of textperts to answer questions.
by Paul.R.Smith February 09, 2008
A researcher for a text-based question-and-answer service.
By Jove, those textperts from AQA provide excellent answers, where the textperts of 82 ASK are somewhat deficient in the quality department.
by Dave Rattigan June 25, 2006
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