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Textasy is the state a mobile phone or PDA enters when overwhelmed by text messages. In this annoying state of confusion, the phone or PDA will begin flashing or blinking and won't respond to normal commands. Often requires the user to reboot phone.
Dude...sorry I didn't get your text message. My phone is trippin on textasy!
#textisy #wires-crossed #buggy #short-circut #pda
by juniusmaximus December 08, 2008
A state of intense exaltation of mind and feeling one achieves as a result of multiple continuous text messaging with close friends and associates. Rapture associated with rapid fire texting, use of keypad, reading of messages, often involving groups of close friends all at once.
As a result of sending and receiving numerous friendly and fun text messages all at once, and without even being conscious of it, Donna had achieved a state of utter textasy.
#tecstasy #text messaging #texting #e-mail #thread
by bladeser November 18, 2009
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