Spineless-small dick-punk-ass-bitch who is forever thereafter referred to as "Dump-Me-Via-Text" and no longer has a name.
In bed with him on a Saturday morning. He jumps up and leaves after sex. She goes back to sleep and wakes up to a missed phone call; no message and a text message breakup. WTF?!?!
by Dumped Via Text October 10, 2011
1.(verb) Establishing that one no longer wishes to pursue a relationship via text message.

2. (noun) tactics of a man who has no balls and does not deserve penetration.

3. (noun) tatic that will get you cussed out, your shit put on blast, and offical forfeiture of any of your muthafuckin shit left at your girlfreinds house.
Phone is buzzing

Girl: Its a text from my boo.
Face draws up in anger.
Girl: This bamma did not just break up with me via text message.

Freind: Dont be upset men like that do not deserve penetration and are losers anyway. Who in the hell text message Fuck him!
Girl: You are right, I guess he wont be needing these anymore(throws out boyfreinds stuff)
Freind: Text message breakups are the worst.
by mdraven22 November 06, 2009
Something even a person old enough to be a grandmother and raise two adult children, own a home and have a stable career will do the day after she texted that you are the best thing that's happened in years and she loves your company so much.
A text message breakup is the sign of a person's true lack of class or character that cannot be fixed and will happen again if you let them have a second chance.
by Art Anderson February 28, 2015
Having the love of your life breakup with you a week before your birthday via text message from Jeremy Rich.
"It's not you, it's me."

Text Message Breakup
by blimblam101 April 17, 2009

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