An alternative and/or abbreviation for the word 'whatever'.
'You'll have to pass a drug test.'
by Love Like Vulture January 14, 2012
Top Definition
a short, extra dismissive form of "whatever". Derived from the middle part of the word (i.e. whaTEVever).
John: "You are such a bitch for two-timing me like that"
Mary: "Tevs."
by Cliff McDonald April 26, 2006
A shortened form of "whatever", usually expressing disinterest or mild defensive derision.

Origin unknown, but likely formed simultaneously in numerous locales

Related to TEEV

Another way of saying "Lame"
1. (Dude 1) "Dude, let's watch Lord of the Rings again!"
(Dude 2) "Tev, you said we were gonna watch Jackass."

2. (Chick 1) "Gawd, I love that cookie dough ice cream!"
(Chick 2) "Tev, I could take it or leave it."
by Marcus Makuvitch March 05, 2007
A shortened form of "whatever".
Whatever > Whatev > Tev
Orginated in Wayne, NJ.
"Tev, mate."

"Should I wear pumas or chucks tonight?"
by Laura December 29, 2004
Short from of "whatever". Expresses apathy while attempting to not be rude.
-Want to go to the mall with me later?
by Tay-tor. February 24, 2004
A hip, easier to use form of whatever
Person A: "I think we should break up"

Person B: "Tevs"
by brilly May 02, 2006
whatever, shortened to whatevs, shortened to tevs. (or tevz)

its not uncool, and its not cool.
its just for lazy people like me (:
Person 1: "That bloke is really fat"
Person 2: "Tevs!"
by danaeeeeee November 07, 2008
The even shorter abreviation of 'Whatev's'. A phrase that originated from the use of the word 'Whatever'. Commonly used when someone lacks interested or care for what is being said to them, or they simply want to cut off the sentence that is being said to them in an abrupt manner.
"Yeah yeah, tevs pal, tevs"
by Gaibreel May 27, 2009
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