The fear of potential embarrassment one feels when trying to carry a stack of items to the checkout.
"We should've gotten a cart, or at least a basket, I'm tetrified all these boxes we're carrying are going to end up on the floor."
by Neal L January 07, 2008
Top Definition
So petrified that you take up the shape of a Tetris block.
I was so tetrified at the sight of his face, that my body "T-ed" up.
by J^2! September 11, 2011
to be overcome with fear as the Tetris blocks stack up higher and higher.
MJ: "Last night I was playing Tetris and I got to level 10 with 2 rows left and I was totally tetrified and I ended up losing."

Coco: "Lol noob"
by BA2theMAX September 15, 2008
1. (adj) The fear of not fitting in, being out of place.
2. (adj) The fear of not being able to get something to fit.
1. "I'm going to meet her parents tonight for the first time. They're from a completely different background, and I'm tetrified."
2. "I just spent $2400 on new furniture, and I'm tetrified I won't be able to get it up the stairs to the apartment."

Complete credit to JB (a.k.a 'Dal')
by UncoGirl December 13, 2007
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