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3 definitions by UncoGirl

(verb) (action): to take your partner's mobile (cell-phone) and change a few of the digits on their ex's phone number.
Example 1: Katrina - "Ha! He won't be able to send her a text any more, I did an ex-communicate while he was in the shower."

Example 2:
Tash - "Hey, Deb, I just got a call from James - he's wondering why you won't answer your messages or calls"
Deb - "I haven't got any from him, what's he talking about?"
Tash - "He says he's been trying to get in touch with you for weeks - he wants to apologise"
Deb - "Hahaha, that insecure bitch Katrina must have done an ex-communicate!"
by UncoGirl July 09, 2006
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Money, cash: the stuff you need to purchase fun (entertainment, substances, toys)
I can't go out this weekend, I've run out of fun tokens.
by UncoGirl July 09, 2006
7 1
1. (adj) The fear of not fitting in, being out of place.
2. (adj) The fear of not being able to get something to fit.
1. "I'm going to meet her parents tonight for the first time. They're from a completely different background, and I'm tetrified."
2. "I just spent $2400 on new furniture, and I'm tetrified I won't be able to get it up the stairs to the apartment."

Complete credit to JB (a.k.a 'Dal')
by UncoGirl December 13, 2007
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