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Mutant with one giant ball. The Testemorph often takes his sexual partner by force, male or felmale makes no difference to the Testemorph. The courting usually begins with a ball rubbing ceremony ending with full blown penetration of the anus, vagina, mouth or males anus. The Testemorph is capable of shooting an unheard of amount a semen. Sometimes measured in litres the ejaculate contains no sperm as the Testemorph is sterile.
After my tenth beer a drunkin testemorph jumped out of the bathroom and shouted "I'LL FUCK ANYTHING THAT MOVES!!".
by Young Blood Chapman September 20, 2007
Mutant creep with one giant ball. Has the ability to shoot massive quanities of semen. Known to take a sexual partner by force. One important note is that the Testemorph with rub his ball on both men and women.
I opened the stall door and I saw the testemorph cover Larry Craig with a massive amount of lumpy semen. Craig looked at me and said "I'm not gay, I never have been gay!"
by Young Blood Chapman September 14, 2007
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