UK. Terrortool is a word used to describe a male with an overly large penis both in length and girth. Tool being a word to describe the penis and because of it's large size,a thing of terror. Hence Terrortool.
1.After meeting a fine women at a swingers convention we went to an area for fun. She reached down in the dim light , took hold of my penis panted 3 or 4 times looked me in the eyes and said as if out of breath ...... Terrortool. 2.My girlfriend and I went to make love for the first time. Upon viewing my penis she started to get dressed saying "that terrortool aint going anywhere near me". 3. I was in the change rooms after a workout when I overheard 2 guys say lucky Bastard that's at least a 12 inch terrortool.
by Herr von longshlong the 5th. September 28, 2013

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