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A derogatory term for Italians south of Bologna. Literally translated it means "farmer". Northern Italians use the term with contempt for their uneducated, and cultureless brothers of the south of Italy.
Hey, look at that stupid fuckin calabrese. What a terrone. He should bo back to his farm and harvest his fuckin eggplants.
by curlingguy June 04, 2003
Terrone (plural Terroni)

Slur for southern Italians. A terrone is exactly the stereotypical wop.

Insult widely used by northern Italians to call those living in the southern (some would even say mid-south) part of Italy.
Northern Italian: "These terroni have given us such a bad name... going around acting like the terroni/wops they are, you see how everyone identifies the entire country with them!?"

Terrone: "We got the sun, pizza, spaghetti and the sea! beautiful italia!"

Northern Italian: "You lowlife terrone! Go back south!"
by Treccani June 14, 2010
somebody that discrimates against all races and beats niggers in the morning and eats jews for lunch and roasts beaners for dinner.
man, look at that terrones over there he sure is grillin'
by s3lfadmitted November 07, 2009
literally means someone who works on the land (i.e. farmer). Derogatory, used by the pompous people of the Friuli region against any Italian from Rome downwards. "terroni" are the salt of italy's earth. they are the people who give italians a good name abroad. "terroni" (southern italian immigrants) also built new york and fought for the US war efforts in WW2
"where are you from?" - massimo
"i'm from napoli" - paolo
"oh so your a terrone?" - massimo
"ma vaffanculo, brutto stronzo" - paolo
by sicilian' e fier' March 05, 2007
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