A disease where a boy becomes a huge douche bag.
Symptoms include:
- Sex with men
- Pants that cut off circulation
- Horrible violin playing
- Ugliness
- Stupidity
- More piercings than his girlfriend
"Dude, he was totally Terris. He looked like ass."
"That guy is Terrising. He's such a d-bag."
by Loveyyy69 May 11, 2009
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the cutest hunny bunny you will ever meet
the cutest girl in the school
by Anonymous October 29, 2003
Someone who waits patiently and brings comfort, but only for a brief time. Terri waits for others around her to progress or grow; however, when forced or rejected Terri is strong and independent. Terri is the female version of Terry.
Terri tarried with Terry and his terry-cloth blanket
by Duh... terri February 05, 2010
Wild, crazy, big butt, large ta-tas with a penchant for young men with large penises. Capable of most anything and on a moments notice. Spontaneous. Eerily loyal to a fault and equally hateful if pissed off. Approach with caution.
Terri may be a cougar.
by ms93cobra February 04, 2010
A fun-loving, independent, hangin with all the boys, country, loving sometimes too much and always forgiving even when she shouldn't!
"Terri why do you love me, I cheated on you!"
by Love of your life forever April 28, 2010
Terri... What can i say? Great legs, amazing bod, kim kardasian butt and is extremely fit. Connection to the name renae. Sexxxxxxaaaaayyy!!
Ooohhh that girl is sexxxaayyy she must be a Terri!
by Sexybeast7 January 10, 2012
The cute crazy girl. Extremely goofy and silly she is very witty with thick luscious hair. She is very sweet and friendly but don't be fooled by her kindness she has a killer instinct that can trigger at anytime. When she is fed up she turns into a psychopath that no one understands. She is always misunderstood yet tries to understand everyone else also have a high tolerance in pain she enjoys the pleasure of pain. Terri is the female version of Terry
Beware of terri
by ghostlypair October 08, 2013
Derives from the name 'Terry'. Is a stellar athlete and goal driven. Will not let anything stop him from reaching his goals. Ladies love him, but only lucky ladies get him. His presence lights up a room, and your lucky to even get him to acknowledge your presence. He is above us all.
Terris is fine, i would like to rush that! I swear i see an ora around him.

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