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1. If anyone can post something on the internet and be cool at the same time, it's a terpball.

terpballs don't give a fuck about nerds, lames, or any half-wits that direct any sort of comment towards them. Usually these comments are geared towards getting on the terpball's nuts in efforts of the lame to become a terpball him/herself. In every case, an effort to become a terpball is a vain effort.

terpballs are born terpballs, and very rarely can one develop into a terpball.


1. inspiring awe or admiration or wonder;

2. hardcore, raw, or real

3. possessing an extraordinary ability to attract; having a way with words

4. able to influence other people easily (as opposed to bribing or brainwashing).
1. Damn, that little bitch will try his whole life, but will never be a terpball.

2. Damn, he picked up 2 of the nicest looking ladies in here, had sex with them, then came right back to the bar for some more drinks. That was terpball as fuck.
by Ingmar June 27, 2007
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