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-Someone who is disdainful, very easy to hate, for various personality faults.
-A terd sucker is much worse than someone who eats shit because a terd sucker slowly consumes feces, giving him more time to be disdainful. In addition, sucking a terd is much more grotesque and disdainful than eating shit. Thus someone who eats shit might be a terd sucker but not necessarily, but a terd sucker is always at the very least someone who eats shit...a shiteater.
1. Can you believe that guy tried to stick his fist up my anus. I really hate him for that. He is such a terd sucker.

2. Watch out, look who just walked in to the party, Terd Sucker Supreme...the top terd sucker at this university...I really fuckin' hate that butt-fuck.
by Jake T III April 14, 2007

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