Deriving from Zep Tepi, in the ancient Egyptian, which meant "the splendid place of the first time". The godess Tepi often provided a safe haven for sexual novices. This gave rise to a cult of the modern-day Tepian society, now manifested in the corporate entity 'TepiCorp'.
Geez, I'd like to bang Tepi!

See Tepi ball
see TepiCorp
see waxing
by GM April 14, 2004
Top Definition
Tepi in modern day society is something which is extremely desirable but cannot be attained unless sanctioned by the supreme goddess of Tepi herself.

There is no substantiated proof of any Tepi worshipper ever claiming the prize of Tepi even under circumstances of extreme duress and mass destruction of a universal nature.

It is written in the scriptures of the time that many Tepi worshippers have accumulated a large number of Tepi points over the course of their natural lives only to be disappointed by not being to fulfil their worldly desires and die unfulfilled and disillusioned.
Congratulations of earning 20 Tepi points for that masterful display of skill and ability (not knowing that you will never ever be able to claim your prize)
by weezing November 30, 2005
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