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One of the most beautiful girls you will ever meet. Although she may get annoying at times, she is the most perfect, sweet, nice, caring and loving friend you will ever have. Once you see her you will automatically want to be friends with her, and once you become friends you will never ever want to leave her side, because she is amazing. All the guys will love her and the girls will hate her because of jealousy. She cant walk part a mirror or anything that shows a reflection with out looking at herself. She nevers stops taking pictures of herself on other peoples phones. She non stop talks about herself but in a non-cocky way. She knows she's beautiful but she will never admit it to anyone else. If you meet a girl named Teodora, keep her as a friend forever because youll never find anyone like her ever again.
Yo bro, Teodora is such a hottie, I want to say hi but I am scared.

"Have you seen that new girl Teodora? All the guys totally love her idk why.."
by SPBM April 18, 2013
1.adjpretty much the coolest cat on the block
2.adjthe bee's knees
fo' sheezies
3.adjtoo smart for your own good
1. you are such a teodora
2. did you see jamie on the dance floor? she was the teodora!
3. you can be such a teodora sometimes. yadadimean?
by mike behnam March 15, 2007
A man with a giant cock
Physically fit with the running ability of a kenyan
Also is asian mexican
Known usally as mr.sulu,jackie chan,or that aisan who cant drive
Hey look its teodora, he runs as fast as a kenyan.

Damn teodora cant you see when your driving
by Teodorafreeus135762 November 20, 2013
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