The cutest girl i've ever seen...the best person to talk to...xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox. ly Cutiepie
Ily Teo!
by Pandicorn January 21, 2015
This is an acronyn for Tall Evil One.
TEO is home. Run and hide.
by otterhater January 03, 2008
Office bitch and general kick around that runs jobs on command.
Where the fuck is our Teo? We need coffee, and the toilet needs cleaning.
by Tim001 February 13, 2013
A Faggot With a 1 inch cock
One Guy: "Your Dick is the size of Teo's"
Another Guy: "Fuck You!"
by KinzzHerRightInThePussy November 01, 2014
A blue furred monkey from the southern regions of the continent called Africa.
"Dude, watch that Teo eat its banana! That's amazing, man!"
by Bloop May 11, 2006
In modern Lithuanian language "teo" means piderastai.
Sugalvojo isivesti zmogelis Interneta, bet uzsirove ant Teo piderastu.
by Telekomcikas May 07, 2006
En riktig kissimurra
Mums kissimurra mums mums. Teo tycker om rump..
by Teokuk April 29, 2005
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