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A disease of the mind and respiratory system. Symptoms include: Extended small talk, close-talking, touch-talking, bad breath. There is no cure, but is treatable by avoiding the infected as mush as possible.
That guy has such bad tennerculosis! He's so annoying I can't bear it!
by antidisestablishmentarianismis November 20, 2012
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A disease of the mind that has symptoms such as never ending conversations, intruding the personal space of others, touching others while speaking to them, and becoming a punching-bag for your offspring. Coughing is the only major physical symptom. This disease is not contagious, but also untreatable.
Jason's dad has some extreme tennerculosis; he is SO annoying!
by fpoawjekpowk'pczksd' March 25, 2012

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