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She is a caring, loyal, trustworthy girl. She likes to help and support people whenever she can, she has a kind heart and is always there for you.
If you know a Temiqua you should be very greatful.
Temiqua likes to make everyone smile, she is outgoing and very loud, she is always crazy and hypo.
If you meet or know a Temiqua think yourself very lucky, she is an amazing person
"That Temiqua chick is a really amazing person."
"Yeah we're lucky to know her."
by zxcvbnmmnbvcxzasdfghjkllkjhgfd November 23, 2011
A lovoly girl who is obsessed with spongebob, cassie davis, lauren graham, ect.
LOves her friends and also the TV show 'Parenthood"
Great friend who is awesome
I wish I could be like Temiqua
by awesomegrl19982086 June 11, 2011