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v. to text or call someone who has just given you their phone number, for the purposes of giving him/her your phone number/contact information. Note: the practice of speaking the first phone number aloud is also a key facet in the process of teleswapping.

n. the practice of texting/calling someone to exchange numbers/contact information.
Sifl: "Hey, let's exchange numbers. I'll get a pen."
Ollie: "No need for a pen - just tell me your number and we'll teleswap."
Sifl: "Cool, here it is - 415-867-5309."
Ollie: "Cool."
Sifl: "Hold up, someone's calling, who is that? I don't recognize the number."
Ollie: "Dude, that's my number - we just teleswapped."
Sifl: "So THAT'S what that's called!"
by morganfreemason March 05, 2012

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