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One crazy ass mofo who dont talk no shit from no one.
Dont say that man, or u'll get teko'ed
by Werdstar March 25, 2003
1. Teko pronounced Tek-kore meaning something that is crap, shit, stink,
2. or can be used to describe some one who is lying or not telling the truth.
Kiwi in origin
1. "got some wheels but the motor was Teko".
2. "said you had a score but you're all Teko".
by Buck June 13, 2003
Teko meaning you talk bull shit or lie
"Man your all teko"
by Joel February 18, 2004
in new zealand another word for shit.
your bum crack is full of teko bro!
by J.Kickz February 17, 2004

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