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the shittiest town on the planet. the STD vagina of the world.
hicks are from tehachapi.
by B00gErrrz February 05, 2008
One day god decided to make the worst town in the world. He made it in southern california and called it tehachapi, which translates roughly as "garbage" in native american.
tehachapi is an awful place
by socialcommentator February 01, 2009
cultural cesspool of southern california. Located about an hour east of bako. Populated by bros and sluts exclusively. Abundant in cheap shitty weed and alcohol. Lifted trucks are also a commonality driven by bros (see above).
There is no social scene and high schoolers spend their time getting high off the previously mention cheap weed and having unprotected sex in the back of their lifted trucks (see above). Teen pregnancy is quite high considering the relatively small size of the town.
Person1: hey want to go do something tonight?
Person2: we live in tehachapi...
Person1: I meant do you want to make babies?
Person2: oh yeah sure, i thought you meant do something fun
by fuckdistown January 02, 2009
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