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An ugly ho' bag that relies more on photoshop than personality.
Someone who considers a good night out is a session of being speared with several cocks at once whilst saying "This is paying for my degreeeeeeeeeee!"
One ugly bitch in real life, the internet being the veil that hides her fugly visage.
Yo, check that bitch, is she famous?
No way man, I just jacked off over her last night, that's Teenyqueen!
No fucking way? She's a ugly truck

"Now, under past work experience, you've put...Modelling"
Teenyqueen "Yea I had my cunt filled with a horse dick"
*Shocked room of potential employers*
#whore #slut #bitch #black dick worshipper #cunt #pissflap #bitch who gets her degree paid for by laying on her back
by SteamingpileofsolidGAAZ December 27, 2006
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