A teenage girl who fantasizes excessively over a member of a band or film star/famous person in general.
In Teenie-Talk there are far too many abbrieviations and punctuations. Often letters are replaced by numbers, such as E being replaced by 3. Teenie-Talk damages computers.
May send death threats to the partner of the object of their desire.
May practice voodoo on dolls where the partner is represented by the doll.
Probably only knows one song from the band the person belongs to. I.E; If the teenie fantasizes about Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance), they might only know 'Welcome To The Black Parade', 'Famous Last Words' or 'I'm Not Okay (I Promise)'. They will definatlely not have heard of 'I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love'. They might have heard of Frank Iero, but may think his name is 'fRaNcIs LeErO' or something. They will definately not know who Ray Toro or Bob Bryar is.
Have been known to go to concerts and yell at Frank Iero 'I wanna have your babies! I wanna f*ck you!!'. No joke. Search 'Frank Iero during soundcheck' on youtube.
Generally, they annoy the hell out of real fans. If they are on message boards, they tend to get banned for breaking 128462174892164176 board rules, and then practise voodoo towards the admin people.

Also known as teenie-bobbers
Teenie: 0MfG g3r4lD wAyNe Is UbEr SeXy iM gOiNg To HaVe His BaYbEeS!!!11!!!!!oneoneone!!!!11

(overpunctuated sentences)

Fan: Shut the hell up.
by Kate O'Toole March 04, 2007
1. People (usually female)who are obsessed with something because its cool esp. bands and only like the band because the lead singer is hot.
2. people who bag out other people for being "teenies" and then go home and worship the super hot lead singer on their wall, and say "im not a teenie cos i own an album"
3. People who speak in sms talk all the time, and alternate capitals.
4. people who dress like hookers
5. blondes that can't spell the word daft, don't know what it means, and are just that
oMfG I jUsT LuV BiLlY jOe HeS LyKe ZoMgZ HoT. JuSt WaIt WhIlE i AnSwEr mI SuPa KoOl FoNe. Im NoT a TeEnIe CoZ i JuSt LuRvE MiKeY AnD TrEe ThEY ArE LyKe So HoT As WeLl!!!!! WaT Do U mEaN ItS TrE?
by i hate simple plan September 28, 2006
A Teenie is an obssesive girl (sometimes boy) ,usually a teenager, who like someone famous for their looks rather than talent.
They can been seen in places like buzznet, live journal etc.
Some DARING ones even write fanfiction... ¬.¬
They are most commonly kown for being rude, annoying, competitive and most of all...their lack knowledge for the english language.
zOMggg! j3r4ld wy i55 t0 lYK ttLY d13 fOR!!!

stupid teenie...
by -xMEx- August 16, 2007
Someone who only likes a band for how good looking there members are. BUT, do not get these people mixed up with real fans who like the music AND maybe thinks the musicians are good looking.
Teenie- like omg Billie-Joe is sooooo HAWT!!! he is fine!! wot's J.O.S and hu is st. jimmy? is he like jesus?

Non Teenie- Greenday effin rock!! they dont care what anyone thinks and there music shows this!! And on top of it all, billie-joe is lookin gud ;) but what really matters is that they ROCK 4 there musical talent!
by whatsername-girl June 02, 2006
Probably one of the hottest girls from canby, oregon. she has huge boobs & a nice ass. she knows how to party & she is soooooo fking sexy. Im sure every guy wants to fk her. those tits are just BIG.
friend: "Damn! you went out with Teenie last night?"
me: "yeah dude she got DOWN"


me: "you went to Teenies party last night?"
friend: "yeah it was bomb dude"
by dreamerdk July 13, 2011
A person/people with no life- they obsessively "follow" one certain band (e.g, My Chemical Romance), spending all their time talking about them to their fellow teenies and emulating the hotness (or "hawtnezz") of the lead singer/ guitarist/other member. However, ask them anoything about the band before the "Revenge" album and they will invariably reply "duhh?". see also fan girl.
Eg.1) - a chatroom-two teenies discuss frontman Gerard Way's Performance at a festival
teenie#1: ZoMg DiD YoU sEe GeE @ DoWnLoAd He iS sOoOoO hAwT gAwD i WoUlD Do HiM AnYdAy!!!!!11111!!!!!
teenie#2: hElLz YeAh GaWd I h8 tHaT lYn-Z ByAtCh GeE ShOlUd bE mInE!!!1111!!!

Eg.2) - a converstaion between a teenie and a "normal" person (eg. an "emo")
teenie: like, is that my chem on your ipod?
normal: ermm.... yeah?
teenie: like, zomg i totally love them!!!! frankie is just the sex, isn't he? i've been with them since, like, the beginning!!!
normal: uh-huh... so do you prefer demolition lovers or vampires will never hurt you? (both songs from the 1st album, "I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love")
teenie: duhh? I'm talking about my chem, not some sad gansta band. who writes songs about bullets?
normal: ...
by Kurarisa-kun April 08, 2008
Someone usually below the age of 16 who thinks its cool to announce there in love with the lead singer "usually". They tend to brag they get more attention but bands actually pity them a lot of the time.

by Danielle Hodges August 03, 2005

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