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a crappy "teen" show make by nickelodeon that is supposedly targeted towards 14-19 year olds but is so retarded and simple that only 9 year olds and 15 year old stoners after two weeks of constant green days could like it. all the fans (including the ones at the tapings) are between 7-12 years old.
8 year old: hey I 'm watching teen nick! i'm mature, like you, bro!
16 year old brother: no, you're not you idiot. Hilary duff just poured chili into a cowboy boot and tried to beat both a clock and an 11 year old chick from the audience. that's not funny; that's sad.
by I have common sense June 28, 2004
The channel that (as of October 2011), has become the

ressurection of all that is "The Real Nickelodeon. It is a

channel, where the dreams of all those who are huge fans

of the original Nickelodeon, have finally come true!!!
Dude 1- "Hey man"

Dude 2- "what"

Dude 1- "This nickelodeon sucks; what else is there to watch?"

Dude 2- "I know, lets watch teen nick; that's where all the real nickelodeon is!"
by TopDawgRaven2013 April 04, 2013
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