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The act of creeping around on someone's Facebook.
Bob: Joe has been looking through her pictures all day. He reads her status' like it's the daily news.
Sue: He needs to stop teefin' up on her Facebook!
by smoogieboogie July 25, 2010
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While performing oral sex on the penis, the partner on knees decides that a gentle stroke of the teeth would further arouse the penis, not realizing that a jab to the face is the "knee-jerk" impulse to one clamping on the shaft.
Partna Dem 1- Eh cuz you won't believe what KeKe did last night while I was gettin some dome
Partna Dem 2- What she do cah?
Partna Dem 1- Man I was finda get my nut off before she started teefin all up and down my dick!
Partna Dem 2- That's why she got a black eye?
Partna Dem 1- Heyyyah
by KangStatus August 08, 2009
talking to much or just talikin shit
when you done teefin get at me.
by Teezie October 09, 2006

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