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When you get weed stuck in your throat/lungs after inhaling from a shitty pipe or bong.
Because real teddybears are also nice and make you feel fuzzy but you absolutely do not want them in your trachea.
uhmimamanduh (11:54:54 PM): the other day i choked on weed and said "oh TEDDYBEARS" and now when you get weed stuck in your throat using a pipe/bong it's called teddybears

"I got teddybears yesterday. I blame Costa Rica for their shitty craftsmanship because they made the hole too fucking big."
by omgyourelikefamous July 20, 2009
12 3
1) A small plush toy usually favored by little children (mostly females who consider the toy cute)

2) A nickname for people who's names are Theodore or Teddy
1) my girlfriend really loves her teddy bear

2)"Hey Teddy Bear!"

"Stop calling me that!"
by chucky norrissy October 29, 2009
27 26
A man who is obese and has a body hair problem.
That guy looks like a real teddy bear, go figure.
by Witchdoc6146 July 18, 2010
31 33
when someone with a hairy ass goes to the bathroom takes a big meaty chud monkey
holy crap man! Dave dropped a teddy bear in the toilet!
by Uvenk January 12, 2011
10 22
An extremely racist english slang term used for any black peoples circa 1950s-1960s
Fred: "Tell me Teddy bear, how do you know when the floors are clean with hands that dirty?"

Stanley: "That's clever, Sir"
by Charly bear April 11, 2008
38 50
Joint. Doobie being the hebrew word for teddy bear. Sewing a teddy bear would mean rolling. Hugging a teddy bear would mean smoking.
Dude, let's go hug some teddy bears!
by Mogely January 22, 2006
6 20
A peanut butter and jelly sandwich made on a hamburger bun instead of bread. You have to eat two of them because they're very small. Goes good with chocolate milk and pretzels.
I like teddy bears with crunchy peanut butter and strawberry preserves.
by Calypso_freestyle March 27, 2009
5 20