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A person who prides him/herself on his/her supposedly extensive knowledge of advanced technology, especially computer-related technology; however, possesses little practical understanding regarding day-to-day essentials. Includes persons who use technology to allay a repressed inferiority complex.
Okay, so your computers are down. Let me write down my information so you can enter it later. Do you have a pen handy? Or, don't you technotwerps even know what a pen is?

Bill Gates had better not ever come out with TimeTravel for Windows. Today's technotwerps wouldn't last 5 minutes in the 19th century.

That IT guy and the jagoff who hired him are such morons. They monitor our desktops looking for dirt, and they think we don't know that. What a couple of technotwerps!
by Gasteroide April 08, 2011
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