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one who is technologically elite;

one who is technologically reliable;

one who can converse with machinary


a person of the industrial subculture, interested in technology, especially machines;



web geek
skinny puppy, apoptygma berzerk, wumscut, assemblage 23, velvet acid christ, ohgr, etc
by Zigg Crow September 07, 2004
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1. Someone who cleverly uses a variety of machines and technological gadgets to perform tricks and effects that would resemble magic to the common viewer.
2. A big fan of various forms of techno music, most notably industrial. (see also, Jebb)
1. "And when I'm not working on my projects.... like a way of accelerating particles to subsonic speed using just magnets for instance, to create abberant wave forms, constant rates, resulting in a sum which surprisingly equals the mass of the atom! And seperating them by weight, we should see... MAGIC!"
"Shut up you weirdo!"
2. Jebb: Dude, I made a mix CD of Assemblage 23 and Wumpscut. So the name for it is AssWump!"
by a schmuck May 31, 2004
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